Living with Alzheimer's

As Americans live longer, more will develop dementia in their older years. New knowledge and techniques are helping doctors detect signs of the disease earlier than ever before. An earlier diagnosis gives people with the disease and their families more time to get the right treatment and to plan for the future.

More and more resources are available to help people with early-stage dementia cope with their feelings and the practical aspects of everyday life.  The ADEAR Center offers information about coping with dementia as a person with the disease or a caregiver; referrals to helpful organizations, support groups and services; and ways to get involved in research that may help others in the future.

If you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, you are not alone. Use available resources to help empower you to stay active in your care and decision making for as long as possible. Try to keep a positive outlook and to stay engaged in family and social activities, hobbies and pastimes, and creative interests that you can continue to enjoy. In doing so, you can take an active role in making the years ahead as rich and fulfilling as possible, despite the challenges.